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QuickBooks Point of Sale Will Not Start when I endeavor to dispatch it! It doesn’t give me a blunder message! What’s up with that? You may have keep running into the Windows 10 upgrade nightmare. QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop and labeled Can’t openI tried to open my pos today and it asked me to choose the company file. I did and it won’t open. I chose to restore from backup and that doesn’t do anything just comes back to the same screen asking me to chose the company file I need. Help? I need to ring up customers today!For all USA and Canada Quickbooks Point Of Sale Customer, Intuit Point of Sale offers remote Quickbooks Point Of Sale Customer Support services. By sharing your desktop screen, our consultants can resolve and fix all complex QuickBooks POS Support errors in a fraction of seconds. Considering Point Of Sale remote support services can save your precious time and money. Get in touch with us now!

  • Failed to open company
  • Error: Unable to connect to your company data file
  • Login to company file failed
  • Connection is broken

Why is this happening

  1. Organization information record blunders might be brought about by one of the accompanying
  2. Purpose of Sale has been introduced as a customer workstation rather than a server
  3. Purpose of Sale is endeavoring to reconnect to the organization information record
  4. The POS database benefit administrator isn’t running and can’t login your document
  5. Association with the organization document has been lost
  6. Harm to the organization document

Organization document was changed over to a higher adaptation of Point of Sale utilizing a Windows XP SP2 Operating System

How to fix QuickBooks Point Of Sale:

Intuit suggests more than one answer for this issue. The principal arrangement may resolve the issue or you may need to attempt all to determine the issue. For best outcomes, play out the arrangement in the request appeared.

Windows Home:

On the off chance that your QuickBooks POS application worked yesterday, and it doesn’t work today, the principal thing to check is to check whether there were any updates over the previous day or so that were introduced.

  1. Tap on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and sort in “projects and components”. At that point tap on the connection that it finds with that name.
  2. Search for the most recent updates (typically they will be under “Microsoft Windows”).
  3. In the event that you see one amongst today and the most recent day that you effectively ran the POS, then evacuate those. I realize that there was one called, “KB3194496” that has brought on a few people issues which, when uninstalled, permits them to just begin work once more.
  4. Uninstalling the refresh is not by any means the only thing you have to do, nonetheless. You will likewise need to shield the updates from reinstalling again whenever you reboot or boot up your PC. To do this, you should know which OS you have, the Windows 10 Home release or Windows 10 Pro, and so forth and do the following:Option 1: Show/Hide Tool for Home version
  • Download the Microsoft instrument from this connection.
  • Introduce the downloaded instrument from your downloads organizer.
  • Run the application
  • Select, “Cover up”
  • Select which refreshes you might want to keep from introducing.
  • The application will “Shroud” (keep from introducing) the updates you select.Note: This won’t permit you to conceal security updates and it won’t take a shot at Windows 10 Pro. It is not prescribed that you shield all updates from being stacked. It is ideal to just utilize this instrument to conceal those which you have uninstalled in light of the fact that they have interfered with your business.

Alternative 2: Stop Windows Update Service

  1. Tap on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and sort in “services.msc” trailed by the enter key.
  2. Search for the “Windows Update” administration and double tap on it.
  3. Under “Startup sort”, select “handicapped”.
  4. This will keep all updates from Microsoft from being downloaded which, once more, is not suggested as the perpetual arrangement.

Choice 3: Change the Group Policy for Windows 10 Pro Edition

  • Tap on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and sort in “gpedit.msc” trailed by the enter key.
  • In the route tree, go to Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Configure Automatic Updates
  • Utilizing the dropdown menu in base left board under, “Design programmed refreshing”, select, “2-Notify for download and inform for introduce”.
  • Tap on, “alright”

Choice 4: Change the Group Policy for Windows 10 Home Edition

  1. Tap on your “Windows Key” or (Win-R) and sort in “regedit” trailed by the enter key.
  2. Go to the accompanying
  3. Discover the “DWORD” ‘AuOptions” and double tap it.  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU
  4. Under “Esteem Data”, enter “2” and snap “alright”
  5. Leave the registry utilizing “Document” menu at the top and after that, “Exit”.
  6. To apply this setting, tap on the Windows key and sort in, “updates”. Select, “Check for Updates” from the alternatives that fly up.
  7. Restart your machine.

There is another alternative however I truly don’t see the advantage for this. It turns on a controller on a WIFI association which shields refreshes from downloading. I don’t consider this to be a decent option so I won’t present it here.



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